Titleist Fitting Centre

Northview’s Academy of golf is proud to offer our customers state of the art club fitting as well as cutting edge golf instruction. Featuring the Titleist Fitting Centre, Northviews Academy provides the tools to assess players game and swing efficiencies to help optimize performance.

Utilizing the Trackman system, we will deliver data on ball speed, launch angle, spin rate and trajectory as well as club head speed, angle of attack and swing path. Additional information generated is ball landing data and dispersion images, all presented to you in a clear and easy to understand format. Golfers can take away this documentation to make an informed decision on their next purchase. Our fitting process delivers the latest in technology to help golfers reach their potential, secure in the knowledge that you have the correct specifications to maximize your performance.

Titleist Fitting Centre 

With Trackman and the best Titleist fitting equipment we will find the best club for your game.

“The most important thing amateur golfers can do is get their equipment fit to them rather than trying to fit to their equipment…”

– Tiger Woods

Success on the golf course is about more than just technical and physical ability, it’s also about the clubs in your bag. Today’s clubs are the most technically sophisticated golf equipment ever built and when properly fit, are designed to optimize a players game based on their individual swing characteristics. The Titleist Fitting Studio is focused on fitting the correct set of clubs to each player. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, having a properly matched set of clubs for your individual swing can help give you:

  • Better Accuracy and control
  • More Consistency
  • Improved Distance
  • Better Feel
  • More Confidence
  • Lower Scores


1 Hour Trackman Fitting Session Driver, Irons, Wedges, Fairway/Hybrid $100
Long Game Driver and Fairway/Hybrids $150
Short Game Irons and Wedges $150
Full Set Fitting (Up to 2 hours on Trackman) $200

*TrackMan™ introduced by Nick Faldo on Golf Channel at the 2008 Mercedes Championship



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