Front entrance of the Titleist Fitting Range at dusk

Better Fit, Better Game

Shoot your best round on two PGA tour quality courses with West Coast flair

TITLEIST FITTING CentrePrecision in Play—Coming Soon—the Titleist Fitting Experience

We are pleased to announce updates to the Titleist Regional Fitting Centre at Northview Golf & Country Club.  Once renovations are complete, the new Titleist Regional Fitting Centre will help golfers elevate their game with an unrivaled Titleist fitting experience and will help them find the best Titleist equipment to shoot lower scores. The new facility will include the latest in TrackMan launch monitor technology combined with the most expansive Titleist shaft and head matrix in Canada. 

All personalized fitting experiences will feature the use of the latest in high performance Titleist golf balls to ensure golfers are fit for the best performing equipment by a Titleist fitting expert.

Opening date and fitting appointment details coming soon, spring 2024.

What is trackman?

The Trackman is a cutting-edge technology utilizing Doppler radar, enabling our Fitters to instantaneously capture and analyze the dynamics of both the golf club and ball. As a golfer takes a shot, Trackman provides real-time data, producing 21 precise measurements that meticulously detail the impact and trajectory of the ball.


  • Bring your clubs for a pre-fitting warm-up session.
  • Engage in a discussion with your Fitter to identify your golfing objectives.
  • Initial data tracking using your current golf club(s) to assess the optimal Shaft and Club head combination for you.
  • Test different combinations of club heads and shafts to pinpoint your ideal fit.
  • Your Fitter meticulously records, measures, and compares the data, providing you with a clear and concise summary to make informed decisions about your customized equipment purchase.