Top view of Northview Golf's banquet hall with set tables

More Than Just Golf

The perfect venue for your next event


Elevate your corporate events and meetings with our state-of-the-art AV, complemented by corporate-style luncheons and dinners. Take it to the next level and impress your clients with seamless execution. Let us handle the important details, allowing your event to shine and make a lasting impression.

View of set tables and chairs, with Vancouver Canucks banner hanging from the ceiling
Close up of a beautifully set table with cutlery, plates and glasses


Enhance your galas to the next level with our high-end facility, creating a beautiful setting for charity fundraising. Our culinary dishes are crafted to impress your guests, ensuring a sophisticated and memorable experience for all attendees. Let us bring a touch of luxury to your event and make it an extraordinary affair.


Celebrate Your Birthday Bash with Loved Ones! Make your special day not just about you, but about sharing laughter and memories with family and friends. Choose from our three exquisite banquet rooms, tailored for guest numbers ranging from 50 to 200, ensuring a perfect setting to mark the occasion. Let the festivities begin as you revel in the love and joy that fill your journey!

View of tables and chairs decorated in white and blue, along with yellow and dotted balloons
View of beautifully set tables and chairs decorated in white and green


Celebrate your love on this special day, not only with each other but also with your families and friends. Let this anniversary be a joyous occasion where you share the love and memories that have filled your journey together. Our venue offers three different banquet rooms, accommodating varying guest numbers from 50 to 200, catering to your specific needs and ensuring a perfect setting for your celebration.

Celebrations of Life

Our event specialists are here to provide compassionate assistance and thoughtful suggestions, ensuring your experience is guided with empathy and understanding. Explore different layouts, including theatre-style, rounds, and staging, with AV screens to meet your specific needs and create a personalized event that suits your vision.

Top view of Northview Golf's banquet hall with chairs meticulously set in rows
Ground view of Northview Golf's banquet hall with tables and chairs decorated in white