Welcome to the Tour LAB at Northview!

“If you were able to make a lasting positive impact on your golf game by yourself…you would have done it by now! Let us help you create a game plan that will help you accomplish your golf goals!”

The Tour LAB was established in 2010 when Matt Palsenbarg and Jason Glass wanted to build a 12 month coaching program that combined their skills of golf and fitness. Jason at the time was the Team Canada Golf strength coach and Matt Palsenbarg was the High Performance Coach for BC Golf. Since the inception of the program, the team has grown to include fitness coach Lindsay Manion and golf coaches Chris Lutes, John Shin and Dan Naismith. Our goal is to help you accomplish your golf goals regardless of what stage you are starting at or where you want to take your game!

For all our Coaches Bio’s please go to www.thetourlab.com

High Performance Golf– Working with PGA Tour Players, Web.com, PGA Tour Canada and many Vancouver Golf Tour top players out of the Northview Facilities we have built a reputation as the go to place for advance coaching.  With the use of technology and experience we help the great player maximize their potential.  We know how to combine the art of coaching with current science to make performance changes that you can rely on!

Elite Juniors– Our LAB junior program is a 12-month elite coaching model designed to not only build better golfers but better people. We turn normal kids into champions by combining world class golf instruction with golf specific strength and conditioning  programs. We pride ourselves in helping them pursue their dream of top-level junior competition, college golf and professional golf. Since 2010 we have coached players that have won at all levels.  From local MJT and CJGA to Provincial, National and Collegiate Champions. We create champions both on and off the course through our mentorship and work in the community. The dream of playing on the PGA Tour for juniors is real if you focus on creating a complete player and a complete person who can create goals and accomplish their dreams!


Junior Golf– The LABsters program, lead by Award Winning Coach Chris Lutes, has turned into one of the most popular junior programs in BC.  An amazing 300-400 kids participate in our programs each year. We have programs for all ages and levels of golfer from ages 4-12 years old. LABsters TEK and LAB Spark are 2 advanced programs that have grown off our LABsters program.  Our fun game based learning model creates an amazing learning environment for kids to fall in love with the game. The success of the LABsters program is due to the fact Chris Lutes and his team love working with kids and seeing them grow into better golfers by building creating better athletes!

Golf Lessons– The LAB does tons of coaching, lessons and instruction to normal everyday golfers as well!  Our team of full time coaches are here to help you accomplish your golf goals.  Our award winning LAB coaches pride themselves in being some of the most educated coaches in the industry. As an organization we are constantly investing in our education, technology and training aids making us one of the most advanced facilities in North America. We know there are many places to get golf lessons. We are more than lessons…we are coaches and the LAB is a community. Let our team create a plan with you to help you accomplish your goals today!

Adults New to Golf- With a reputation for high performance and junior golf sometimes our other programs can get overlooked.  Our LAB coach Dan Naismith has been running his Beginner Bootcamp program for 3 years. The success of the program has been built upon his amazing students and the word of mouth referrals he receives for his exemplary coaching. Learning golf is not a short term or quick process. Dan designed a program with a manual and online video support to help the student learn and to help you remember the steps and drills taught during your session. If you or someone you know is new to golf and looking for a supportive and fun community to learn this great game…Dan is the man!

LAB Golf Fitness- The LAB is one of the World’s top golf specific training facilities. Coaches Jason Glass and Lindsay Manion are fitness industry leaders who have worked with everyone from PGA Major Champions, Tour Winners, LPGA Major Champions, Collegiate, National and Provincial Champions as well as golfers just like you!  The secret to our success is in the program design. Training golfers is different from training other athletes.  Each golfer requires a unique combination of training techniques and programming. If you would like a training program specifically designed for you or you would like to join one of our group classes we are here to help you maximize your potential.