Northview Golf Academy is always pushing to be the best academy and with that continuing education and technology play a big factor in this.

The technology we have purchased and built into our programs makes us very skillful at analyzing and diagnosing players’ swings and bodies.  The technology does not replace good coaching but enhances the coaches’ ability to find the issue and prescribe the fix.  While not all coaches are trained to use all the different equipment as a team we make sure that every player gets what they need.  That’s what makes Northview so different is that we all work as a team and when you get lessons with one of our coaches you may be getting consultation from another coach as well.


trackmanTrackman is a major part of the Titleist Regional Fitting Center.  It’s the reason we are able to so accurately fit each and every club in the golf bag.  With 27 parameters of information on each shot the information is overload for most.  That is why this information is mostly for the coach and not the student.

Trackman gives us a 3D look at what is happening at impact which really is the only important part of the swing.  With this information we are best able to determine if the equipment is correct or best for your swing or if there is something that needs to be worked on in the swing.

Used for all our fittings at the Academy, the Trackman can be used for a session with your coach to look deeper at the swing and ball flight parameters.

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Kvest KVest TPI 3D, developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, is a powerful 3D motion capture software platform that consistently and accurately analyzes the 3D motion of a golfer’s swing. The software captures swing efficiency, via the kinematic sequence graph, and allows users to view key biomechanical information including posture and dynamic movements. We can use TPI 3D to quickly compare a selected swing to the world’s best PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour players.

This information can be vital at finding a movement fault in a golfer which is often a misunderstanding of what a golfer thinks the swing is supposed to do.  It’s the fastest and most accurate ways to find out what the body is doing and compare to what it should be doing.

90 minute session with Academy Instructor $175
90 minute session with the Director of Instruction $250

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flightscope Used as the launch monitor for the Tour Performance LAB program.  Much like Trackman, the technology is different and the same. Each system has its own way of defining and reading the information of impact.  For a great coach technology can offer a faster more efficient approach to their coaching.  For the coaches that have access to this technology it has made learning faster and more enjoyable for the students.  This technology is also best used for players in a coaching program or trying to take their game to a higher level.  If you’re serious about your golf game and want to improve, technology can only speed up the learning process.

90 minute session with Instructor $175
90 minute session with the Director of Instruction $250

Lessons and coaching programs with some of the coaches will include the use of this technology with no extra charge to the lesson cost.


boditrack We have all been told that the swing starts at the ground up!  Well BodiTrak is the technology that lets us see what is happening on the ground so we can understand what’s happening at the top.  Working with BodiTrak we are able to see the weight distribution in the golf swing and also the pressure trace while you swing.  Like everything in golf there is no perfect just better ways.  With the information we can see where the weight is shifting in the swing through to the top of the back swing and down to impact and then on to finish.  With that information we then assess how efficient this is from swing to swing.  When we are always looking for an opportunity to get better this information has changed many golf swing from the ground up.  Understanding were weight should be and not be during the swing has made for better contact with the ball, more distance and more accuracy.  Many players come in with poor balance and this helps us possible find the main reason for it.

1 hour session with Instructor $150
1 hour session with Director of Instruction $200

Lessons and coaching programs with some of the coaches will include the use of this technology with no extra charge to the lesson cost.

Ipad Slow Mo

All our teachers and coaches at the Academy are using the best video capture technology available. This technology used to be expensive and hard to work with. Now almost every student walks in the with same technology we use in our lessons for Video. The newest iPad air for instance has 120 Frames Per second and the newest iPhone has 240 frames per second. Compare this to 5 years ago when we were using fire wire and camcorders we were getting 32 frames per second. This means we get 4-6 times more information in the video itself. Our ability to share and email that video through very user friendly apps has really helped connect the coaches better with the students.

All coaches use Video Technolgy with all their lessons and will email you your swing via email and set up a locker room (cloud) for your swing online with some coaching programs.


edufiiUsed at the Academy for some of our long distance students this social media platform coaching program gives students the ability to post swings and communicate on the swing back and forth.  Whether you’re on vacation or live in Northern BC or travel to Vancouver for business once in a while this product helps you keep in touch with your coach.

Please ask your coach about this program.  Most coaches set up a monthly cost for a set amount of months.


Northview's Practice Range hours change on Victoria Day weekend! Traditional Sunday 2pm closure will happen on Victoria day, Monday May 21st at 2pm. The range will not open until 10am on Tuesday May 22.