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With our diverse and experienced teaching professionals we have built an Academy that has a program for everyone.  We can also custom design a program to suit your needs or your groups. We invite you to visit our teaching professionals personal website for more information.

604-576-4653 ext. 250

Private Lessons

1 x 45 minute session $110
5 x 45 minute session $450
10 x 45 minute session $850

Semi-Private (2 people) & Custom Group Lessons

Number of Lesson(s) 3 5 10
Group of 2 $195 $325 $600
Group of 3-4 $150 $220 $420

Prices are per person. Lessons are 60 minutes each

Academy Packages – Learn   Practice   Play

Academy packages combine lessons, Trackman Fitting Session, Walk-on rounds of golf…Read more Academy Package.

On Course Coaching

18 Holes Group of 3 Golfers $225 each
9 Holes Private $250 Group/$150 each

Spring & Summer Clinic Series

Northview Golf Academy Clinic Series is designed to answer questions in a focused, problem-solving environment. The Clinics are fun, affordable, convenient and compliment any lesson program you are in. Clinics are designed for new players or advanced golfers. You can pick and choose your interests and even repeat the same lesson!

All Clinics:  1 Hour: $45
3 to 6 Students
Schedule & Registration is online at Summer Clinic Series 

Putting – 2 Levels Offered
Learn the basic set-up for putting and a series of fun drills. Focusing on putting will reduce your score faster than working on full-swing. Are you poor with short putts or longer lag putts? How much break should you play? Is your putter part of the problem?

GC1011:36 +  putts per – basic GC1012:28 + putts per round – advance player

Chipping – Improve your short game and shave strokes off your game
Two class levels are offered:  Learn which club produces solid, clean contact from different lies and practice techniques for gauging distance.

GC1021 Basic GC1022 Advanced

Bunkers— Two Levels Offered
Make sure you get out, the first time! This Clinic covers all the various situations you can have in the bunker. Nothing like the thrill of hitting a good bunker shot from a difficult lie.

GC1031 Basic GC 1032 Advanced

Pitching – Two Levels Offered
Knock strokes off your score by learning proper club selection and swing lengths for pitching the ball from 75 yards and closer.  A great class to take when you purchase a new wedge!

GC1041 Basic GC1042 Advanced

Pre-Swing –  from your stance to the grip on the club, posture, aim and alignment.
Pre-swing is everything!


Full Swing Fix It—the “fix-it” Clinic will give you simple tips to “Stop Doing That”


Gain Distance – do you want 10 to 15 more yards on your shots? Everybody wants to hit the ball further – learn how.


Specialty Shots – get it moving toward the tar­get anyway possible!  Ever needed to hit a high fade or a low hook on demand, bump and run with a fairway wood? Specialty shots are the name of the game here.

Learn there are laws that surround the motion of club on ball. When you understand path, face and speed, your body is actually able to produce the desired results, instinctively. This lesson is essential for becoming a better scorer.


Golf – can we talk? You ask, we answer! Learn how to think your way around the course and be able to fix your own swing. Do you have the first tee jitters? Afraid of bunkers? Can’t seem to make those three footers? Afraid of Choking?  Learn to make pressure your friend, not your enemy.


Junior & Family Lessons

Designed for boys and girls 8-17 years of age. Add 15% to the rate for each additional student (Junior or Adult). Our philosophy is that golf is a family game – we want and encourage parent’s participation.

1 x 45 minutes $85
Series of 5 $375