Northview Golf Academy is home to one of the top Junior Programs in western Canada. The Tour Performance LAB Program and the LABsters progam are designed to cover all levels and ages of Junior Golfers.

The Tour Performance LAB program
(Ages 12-18)

PrintA 12 month golf and fitness coaching program designed to help players get ready for competition and for some move on to US and Canadaian scholarship opportunities. With weekly coaching on both golf and fitness players that want to improve fast will have this opportunity. This program has everything built around a team environment. Team Golf Bags, shirts, and other gear sets us apart and all players feel like they are working together to get better.

The LABsters and Little LABsters Program
(Ages 4-6 and 7-13)

LABsters_Big_ColourThis is a great developmental program that runs 10 months a year (Feb-Nov).  At the Northview Golf Academy we are working hard to establish the LABsters program as the best athletic and golf development program around.  We are already well on our way and your support is making that happen. We get the questions and we get the funny looks like…

Why is my kid crawling on his hands and feet across the grass?

Why are they skipping and playing other games at the course?

Why don’t you have them lined up and teaching them grip stance and posture on the range?

Why does my kid LOVE golf so much now?

Why is he spelling and doing math better?

We have the answers.  We would love to say we invented all the stuff we are doing but we can’t.  We created our programs and our delivery but luckily smart people gave us some great info to work off of.

iStock_000026488734_XXXLargeWEBOur coaches have studied and worked to be the best coaches for this age group they can be.  We think the best golf coaches in the world are not on TV working with tour pros but working with the future golf pros. Each tour pro started the game at some point.  They all say I had so and so or my dad or my uncle or gramps.  They had someone that made it fun and gave them the foundation to be great later in life.  Our coaches are hand selected and trained to be experts in early child and golf development.

LAB Facts

The LAB Program has been running for 5 years and has over 40 players in the 12 month coaching program

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