The Northview Golf Academy has two of the top fitness trainers in golf to work with you, Jason Glass and Lindsay Manion.

FitnessstudioThe Northview Fitness studio and The LAB training philosophy is based on you moving better and feeling better, which will allow you perform better!

The base of your performance training program starts with Functional Assessments and Corrective Exercises to remove any limitations that are holding you back from playing your best! Once you are moving better and playing better we can add the Performance Layer. The Performance Layer includes strength and power workouts using the latest functional training tools and techniques. You will leave each session with sweat on your brow, a smile on your face, and the confidence to play and be your best!

LAB TPI Assessment Package $500 (TPI Screen + 3 Training Sessions + Online Program)

This is great program to start with if your new to golf fitness. With your initial screen to assess the movements of your body and to find areas to improve upon, we can then make a plan. The TPI online program is 6 weeks long and will have progressions every 2 weeks. The workouts should be done every 2 weeks to match the online program. This is by far our best value and most popular starting point for any golfer interested in becoming more fit.

Monthly 1 on 1 $330/Month (1 Hour Session Each Week)

Committing to at least 3 months can get you “fit” and, a great price on training. Schedule a time every week with a trainer that is specialized in making you a better golfer. Fix that back and fix that slice at the same time.

Group Monthly $160/Month (1 Hour Session Each Week/Groups of 3)

Find a friend or two and come down to the LAB to get your golf game and body back on track. With every golfer needing different things and each body having their own needs, we make these group session fun and dynamic and everyone will get what they need out of it. Group sessions are a great value as well as a great way to push yourself further than you would on your own.

Fitness Coaching
5 Sessions $480
10 Sessions $850
20 Sessions $1600*

*Includes free updates to your online TPI fitness plan and workouts.

Group Sessions
Max 3:1
10 Sessions $500 2:1 $375 3:1

Each session is 50-55 mins in duration and booked on the hour.

Northview Golf and Country Club also has full locker room and shower facilities.

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